About Us



 We like exclusive, inspired, comfortable clothes with a touch of wit.

  VERYMARY is a brand with attitude

 Everything started when both our families independently decided to live and surf The island of gods -  Bali, Indonesia, where we met for the first time.  Union of our minds And NAMES lead us to our brand name - VeryMary.

 We understand that RECYCLING is VERY important for the health of the Earth, considering that it's the only planet we have. That fact and our love for fashion gave rise to an idea - we will recycle clothes. So we started to search for secondhands and bazaars and carefully pick only high quality, interesting clothes in great condition. We refresh, redesign, modify or cut it into pieces and use it as a part of an entirely new product that is worth the price. We are taking recycling and awakening new soul in old, unwanted clothes as an art and we have a lot of fun doing it. We really love the fact that each piece is unique and the only one.

However sometimes we didn’t have luck searching and finding in secondhand and bazaars, so we decide to create ourselves from scratch. That was the beginning of our authentic clothing line.

Vytvořil Shoptet | Design Shoptetak.cz